Delphi Data Systems

We specialize in designing custom Data Mining and Analysis Software that delivers results in "real-time". Our projects include a diverse range of industries including:

  • Criminal Justice Predictive Analytical Systems
  • Private Sector Business Management Software
  • National Public Assets Databases
  • Political Polling Systems
  • Real-Time Message Boards for Existing Sites
  • Surveys for Existing Sites
  • Sage Software

    Sage software is a data gathering and analytical system that delivers in real time the information you need to make decisions based on verifiable data. It provides a simple to use and easy to deploy program that is both cost effective and on the cutting edge of today’s technology.

    The system has two main components: Inmate Records and Inmate Surveys, all data is stored in the Caspio server system, Caspio is the leader in the field of secure data storage and is currently used by many government agencies. Since the system is cloud based your data is always secured and backed up. Who can access specific data is controlled by you.

    The software is designed for easy use and simple deployment within your existing operation. Sage is always improving and growing at no extra cost to you and since the software is “Cloud Based” improvements can be implemented with no disruption or down time to your system. We always keep our clients advised of new improvements through their system administrators.

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    2020E Software

    Our 2020E Software is designed for use by elected officials to receive real-time input from their constituents on all issues. It is easy to use, quick to deploy and cost effective. It lets your constituents know that their opinions matter.

    It is an essential tool for use not only on a current issue basis, but also for planning long term political strategy and political campaigns. You control the questions and choice of answers you want to include. New surveys can be implemented in a matter of hours and results will start coming into your "dashboard" in real time.

    The system can be implemented on an open basis allowing all who wish to participate to sign up, or you can create a by invitation only system where you create a diverse group of ongoing participants. The software automatically notifies participants via email or text message that a new question has been posted that requires their input.

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